Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Bee Happy!

I call this one “Bee Happy”. One thing I have certainly learned when taking photographs is to be patient. Waiting for a bee or another insect to land perfectly on a flower requires a lot of patience. And sometimes, it just doesn’t happen at all. For this picture, I was very lucky. I was on …

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One Serene Moment

This is the beautiful memory of one serene moment. I needed a picture of a sunset for my photography group and fortunately on this night in May, I was at Beavermede Park. Stunning views of this tranquil lake in the middle of town. What you can’t hear is the 3 people in my car all …

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Taking a walk at Mont Tremblant

  In April, I was in Mont Tremblant, Quebec for a family celebration. For me, the surrounding area was a  photographer’s dream. The weather changed daily: sunshine, snow, gray skies, blue skies. The countryside, the village and the actual ski-hill are magnificent opportunities for a budding photographer to indulge their creativity. I love this image because your …

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