Spin a Sumach

This is a trick I learned in my photography course. Spin while you click. What a great effect.


Bee Happy!

I call this one “Bee Happy”. One thing I have certainly learned when taking photographs is to be patient. Waiting for a bee or another insect to land perfectly on a flower requires a lot of patience. And sometimes, it just doesn’t happen at all. For this picture, I was very lucky. I was on a garden tour and managed to score a great picture of a magnificent flower with a bee right in the centre. It was worth the wait.

One Serene Moment


This is the beautiful memory of one serene moment. I needed a picture of a sunset for my photography group and fortunately on this night in May, I was at Beavermede Park. Stunning views of this tranquil lake in the middle of town. What you can’t hear is the 3 people in my car all yelling for me to “get the picture, already, we have to go”. My bubble has burst. It is time to go.   

Taking a walk at Mont Tremblant

Image  In April, I was in Mont Tremblant, Quebec for a family celebration. For me, the surrounding area was a  photographer’s dream. The weather changed daily: sunshine, snow, gray skies, blue skies. The countryside, the village and the actual ski-hill are magnificent opportunities for a budding photographer to indulge their creativity. I love this image because your eye is gently drawn down and around the curve of the hill. The fence and shadows help to enforce the direction that your eye must travel. The trees are so dense, is there a mystery that lies within ?  

Amazing Amaryllis

We were given this amaryllis for Christmas. Amaryllis plants are the best – they come in a square cardboard box. Buy it at the store and plant it at your convenience. Within weeks a comically, unbelievably gigantic flower will bloom at the top of a thick green stem.
It was a trick to capture the size and magnificence of this flower. I like this picture because the sun is streaming through the window and it makes the flower look transparent as though it was paper thin.

Swirling Fish

I joined a photography group in September and I’m enjoying it very much. Every month we have a “Topic” and a “Challenge”. We are to present five pictures from our Topic and two pictures for our Challenge.

For the month of March, our Challenge is Blue and White. I am quite excited about my Swirling Fish picture. The fish is actually half clear and half blue Murano glass. (I have fond memories of buying this fish in Venice years ago). I love the way the back of the fish displays the distorted venetian blinds and the swirls are created.

Daddy Duck

I love this picture of this gorgeous male duck with the luminescent mostly because it is such a close-up. You can really see the details of both the duck and the clarity of the water. I am sure that Daddy Duck was excited about the prospect of food much more than the prospect of getting his picture taken”.

Halloween Morning

This is one of my favourite images. I took this on Halloween Morning 2011. How appropriate is the orange sky. I looked out my front window and was captivated by the beauty of the sun and had to take the shot right away, in spite of the fact that I was still in my pajamas. So, imagine me opening my front door just enough to pop out the lense of my camera and “got it!”

Welcome to my Blog !

Hello and welcome to my blog. Taking photographs has been one of my passions in life for as long as I can remember. And so it is with great pleasure that I am starting this Blog in order to share my favourite’s with you. So far, I have not decided how often that I will blog. Perhaps once a week…perhaps every two weeks. I really have and endless supply of images and take more all the time.